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  • by rebeccadavies_official 3 weeks ago
    Zoom Turn Tech and Flex class suited to American and Canadian time zones TOMORROW! Class for UK and European times zones in 12 hours from now. LINKS IN BIO Download 8 classes at  @tara_bajan  during  #ARCHITECTSQUADRON  training... smiling  @radartechnique   @starzperformingarts   #athlete   #athleticartist   #training   #trainingmotivation 
  • by rebeccadavies_official 3 weeks ago
    TURN TECH class and FLEX in a few hours from now. LINK IN BIO ☝ To download and take class in your own time go to What was I saying yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah to? This is the weirdest video, it seems like  @carlylagana  and I are having a conversation across the entire studio haha Oh yeah and  @tara_bajan  twirls and twirls like a legend
  • by rebeccadavies_official 3 weeks ago
    Hello. It’s my birthday in 2 days. Hello.  @cappuccinosausagedog  told me she has a surprise for me. Hello Comment below if you want me to open up private coaching to dancers and gymnasts from around the world (currently only available to the ARCHITECT SQUADRON) Hello  @lexi_grace_r  has two hamsters now will she dress them up like I do Cappuccino?  @tdcthedancecompany   @radartechnique   #weinerdogsofinstagram 
  • by rebeccadavies_official 2 weeks ago
    I feel like the luckiest coach on earth. I can’t thank you all enough for how special you have made me feel today!!! From the presents to deliveries to Happy Birthday messages. This has been the best birthday ever!!! I’m so excited to share some amazing news with you all.... going live in 10 minutes! Then putting my phone down to spend time with  @ellwatto  and  @cappuccinosausagedog  making my dream birthday cake (2nd for today!) They who have both spoilt me from the second I woke up and told me there are more surprises to come!
  • by rebeccadavies_official 2 weeks ago
  • by rebeccadavies_official 2 weeks ago
    Me in lockdown going on a road trip around my kitchen  #lockdown2020   #iso   #melbournefood  I hope I look like Yoshi when this is over  @izzy .bitsikas
  • by rebeccadavies_official 6 days ago
    Happy 19th birthday  @autumnmiller  I love how a kid who has inspired so many dancers around the world for so many years is always so humble!
  • by rebeccadavies_official 2 days ago
    Happy 17th birthday to my teacher  @tara_bajan  . I’ll always be regretful for all you have taught me and being an irritating influence in my life. (Before I get spammed for this, please see her birthday post to me ) So know when I wished you happy birthday during class last night and said I’m so proud of you and that you are a human being of amazing epic proportions? Your best friend made me say it... she was standing by ankles threatening me with her sausage fur tube and moles with wire  @cappuccinosausagedog 


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Rebecca is a proud member of the permanent teaching staff at Cathy Lea Dance Works, Melbourne
Studio Director: Cathy Lea Smith
Instagram: @cathyleadanceworks


Rebecca is a proud member of the permanent teaching staff at TDC (The Dance Company), Melbourne
Studio Director: Lisa-Anne Hammer
Instagram: @tdcthedancecompany