Get New Passwords


There are times when digital housekeeping fails.

Your computer dies and you don’t have backups of your important files. Or you forgot to include certain folders in your backup. Or many other reasons.

Our $50 offer will let you request new passwords when other options have failed, especially when family, friends or your local computer store are unable to retrieve the files.



This is a one-time fee for any previous video order, and covers one or more videos from that order.

If you have downloaded our dance videos to your computer, please play from the computer. There is no need to go back to the web. This process means people can play the videos at any time, without need for internet access.

If you wish to store your videos on an iPhone or iPad (or other smartphone or tablet), the best option is to download them on a Mac or PC, and then transfer them to the device.

We advise you make a backup of your hard drive after downloading – or at least the video files – as the admin fee to reissue passwords is $50.